Government Terrorists

October 1st, 2013

The word “terrorists” has been used more and more lately to describe the small group of GOP congressional representatives who are now holding this country hostage. Now, I have always tried to shy away from hyperbole on these pages, mostly because I think it doesn’t help any argument to get hysterical. I never thought Bush’s crimes rose to Hitler’s — that sort of thing. However, I have to agree with the terrorism comparison when it comes to these GOP reps. They are shutting down government and putting 800,000 families out of work solely because they don’t like that we had several national referendums on the Affordable Care Act and that they were on the losing end of ALL of them.

The Affordable Care Act has survived numerous challenges to de-fund it, repeal it in part, or totally kill it.

It is law.

Strange then, that a small minority who claim to live and die by the Constitution would threaten to harm this country by taking it hostage because they didn’t get their way when it comes to the ACA.

Make no mistake about it, this is terrorism. If you don’t believe the government shutdown falls under high crimes, check out this article from Allen Clifton over at Forward Progressives.

Not all terrorism involves the killing of innocent people.  Terrorism can be seen as any calculated, and planned, attack on the United States meant to purposefully inflict harm.

Tell me, how is willingly crashing our economy not a “purposeful” act which would harm millions of Americans?  How is shutting down our government not a “purposeful” act to harm our nation?

Because President Obama has made it clear that the law of the land as per our Constitution “Obamacare” will not be defunded.  So if the Republican responses to that are proposals which include it being defunded, they are then willingly threatening to crash our economy or shutdown our government unless “their demands are met.”

Sounds like terrorism to me. How about you?


THE Most Important Issue Today

November 30th, 2011

Until this changes, nothing will change. Go here to see what you can do to help the cause! Free Speech is for People, not corporations!

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Mitch’s #1 Goal: Make Obama a 1-Termer

November 4th, 2010

Not 48 hours after the Republicans won the House, Mitch McConnell says his #1 goal is to get Obama out of office.

Not cooperate, not get things done… Remove the president.

This congress is going to have a lot of trouble governing.

Now that they control the purse strings in the House, we’ll see what real decisions they make about cutting the deficit and reducing the debt. They will soon have to vote to expand the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. What will they do?

They want to cut taxes for everyone, which will cost between $3-4 trillion. How will they pay for it? All they say is “we will cut discretionary spending.”

So what is classified as discretionary spending? Click here to see what falls under discretionary spending.

Since they won’t cut defense spending (which is HALF of discretionary spending), that leaves $553 billion a year, based on 2010 numbers. So what will they cut? The options are Health and Human Services ($84 billion), Transportation ($76 billion), Education ($46.8 billion), Housing and Urban Development ($43.6 billion) and Agriculture ($25 billion).

What programs will they cut? I mean, when they’re not trying to just get the President out of office.

It’s easy to talk about cutting spending. Let’s see how they actually implement this.

Obama Losing Base — With Good Reason

December 17th, 2009

This needs to be heard:

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House Passes Sweeping Healthcare Reform!

November 8th, 2009

House Passes Healthcare Reform
Wow. It passed. We’ll see what Reid can do in the Senate, but sweeping healthcare reform has passed in the House. Victory over the forces of fear. Check out the whole story on Huffington Post, including links to video of the final vote.

Can We Discuss Healthcare Like This?

September 1st, 2009

This is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of a host and a guest actually discussing an issue and not getting defensive, not getting angry, not shouting over each other, but getting both sides across. I even think Rachel goes a little too far in almost accusing Ridge of lying at one point, but he makes some good points at the end of it — notably, if the Iraq people end up somehow BETTER for our having been there, what then? You can always say sure, that was not something that 4000 American should have been asked to die for, even though perhaps some would have gone if asked STRAIGHT UP if they wanted to help “spread freedom” (a discussion we never had)… Still, this is the type of discussion we should be having over healthcare. Reasoned, rational, put everything on the table.

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